About Jeni Elizabeth

handmade nature-inspired jewelry & adornments

Hi, I’m Jeni! I’ve had a love of art and a penchant for science all my life. By day I am a certified medical illustrator at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine where I previously received my Master of Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration. I’ve also been running my own private practice, Fairman Studios, where I create medical and scientific illustration for publication and patient education, 2D animation, web publishing and interactive and graphic design. Hence, my work is constantly inspired by anatomy, science and nature.

My studio diversions take place at Jeni Elizabeth Jewelry, my personal studio where I create some of my favorite things such as metal-smithing found objects into precious metals, or sewing projects I am dabbling in.  All of my wares can be found at Jeni Elizabeth on Etsy. I also create custom pieces for my clients.

I started metal-smithing and creating hand-made jewelry over a decade ago. It was quite by accident. I started taking classes in jewelry-making in Boston, MA. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into really. I thought I was going to be working with beads and wire. The first day of class we fired up the blow-torch! I was smitten ever since.

After many years of experimenting in techniques such as soldering, electroforming, casting, enameling, granulation, die-forming and etching, I began to create my first production line centered around blossoms and cicadas. I decided to launch my nature inspired jewelry line in 2016. Jeni Elizabeth Jewelry combines my love for all things nature, including botanical elements like blossoms and branches, insects (especially cicadas) and other curiosa. The materials I like to use include silver, bronze, copper, glass, dried flowers, old family photos, ephemera and other precious elements. Though you’ll notice a theme throughout my designs, each piece is handmade and unique. Feel free to message me with any questions and enjoy shopping!