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Mixing modern with flourishes of a nostalgic style, Jennifer “Jeni” Fairman is a Maryland-based artist who evokes the beauty of nature in her graceful and unique designs. Her studio, Jeni Elizabeth Jewelry, specializes in one-of-a-kind adornments such as brooches, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, metal gift boxes and judaica. Drawing on her professional background as a trained medical illustrator, Jeni is able to capture the intricacies of elements she finds in the natural world. Botanicals, insects, recycled materials, and other curiosa are transformed into hand-crafted pieces. Jeni’s work interweaves a variety of materials including sterling and fine silver, bronze and other precious metals, vitreous enamel, gemstones, and found objects. The distinguished cicada-inspired designs are her studio’s signature.

“I am often inspired by a geometric pattern or color palette I come across in nature. Insect wing venation, the colors of a misty fall landscape, or the twisting pattern of a fruit cut in cross-section each find a place in my search for inspiration. I love to experiment and I hope the wearer of my pieces learns a little more about my perspective of natural world and is inspired to seek the same.”

Botanicals in the works! ...

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My tulip prototype now has a new home ...

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Ever wonder where my love of cicadas came from? Or how I got my logo? Look no further than this illustration from 1997. This was my first tone project in grad school and my first time using an airbrush! What’s that, right?! I chose to draw a specimen of a 17-year cicada I collected in Reston, VA in 1996. A male who I kept as a pet for about a month until he sang his heart out and died in my apartment. I pinned him, spread his wings and still keep him safe and on display on my office book shelf. His name was Peabody. Named after the @johnshopkinsu @peabodyinstitute, the center of music and performance at our school. Fast forward to 2016 when I dove into my first business class for jewelry and was pondering what to use as my makers mark. This just made sense to me since much of my work centers on cicadas, other insects, flora, fauna and nature in general. My BFF is an art therapist and has had a forever tattered copy of this illustration in her office she sometimes uses with her patients. It was high time she got a nicer copy. So she just sent me this picture to tell me the canvas print from @fineartamerica just arrived! I am so happy that Peabody continues to be a source of beauty in the world. I like to think that each of my cicadas brings an approachable love of the stranger things in the natural world and the idea that like the long lifespan of the periodical cicada, good things come to those who wait, that life can have many cycles and a sense of rebirth and renewal. I guess that is my message for you and especially for those who celebrated the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Enjoy every day as a lifetime in miniature and wake each day to new possibilities, opportunities, challenges and adventures! ...

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I was experimenting with a piece with leaves that I thought I might be able to turn into insect wings but instead this is what I came up with. Oh well, it’s just an experiment. ...

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Recognize this gorgeous invader? Yes it’s a lantern fly. Beautiful but man what a pest. I hate squashing them. Why? Well here is something you may not realize about me: I used to work in an entomology laboratory! Have you ever wondered why a lot of my work revolves around insects? Especially cicadas? It’s because my background is actually in science. I was a Biology major as well as an Art major in college. I got my start in natural science illustration working at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in the entomology department in the USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory. As a scientific illustrator, I illustrated many species of insects. After that, I went off to graduate school to study Medical Illustration, which is what I do now. So, when I create jewelry, it is often inspired by the things that I have studied. Often times I’ll even incorporate current events. I ventured into the 100 Cicada Challenge two years ago when we had the 2021 17-year cicada invasion in Baltimore. I created 1 cicada per day for 100 straight days! Those guys were so sweet and friendly. I know bugs aren’t for everybody. I just love cicadas. They are harmless. Now we are facing the a new type of invasion, only this time this particular species is extremely dangerous for our trees. Rather than squish them, every time I find a live one, I try to collect it, and “donate it to science,” which is another way of saying I like to share this with my colleagues and students, so that they know a little bit more about this particular species, and how to pin and spread their wings. Here’s just one example of a lantern fly that I caught about a month ago right outside of the parking garage where I work. Two days ago I caught another one which is even better looking than this one. So, why am I posting this? As you can probably guess I’m thinking about designing a pin or a pendant around this using both geometry and color. So stay tuned! ...

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Jeni’s training in metalsmithing started under the instruction of Laurie Savage at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, near Boston, Massachusetts, and continues today at the Baltimore Jewelry Center in Baltimore, Maryland. After many years of experimenting in techniques such as soldering, electroforming, casting, enameling, granulation, die-forming and etching, she created her first production line of nature-inspired jewelry in 2016.

Her adornments and art prints can be found in the Jeni Elizabeth Shop. She also takes custom orders. Send her a comment on the contact page or email the studio at shop@jenijewelry.com.

I create unique custom pieces

Many people ask, “do you take custom orders?” The answer is an enthusiastic, “yes!” There is nothing I love more than creating one-of-a-kind pieces for clients and their loved ones. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any special day. I also create pieces to memorialize loved ones and even pets. I incorporate mementos, old photos and found objects to create unique and cherished treasures. It all starts with a photo or a story. I create pendants, necklaces, bracelets, charms, rings and unique boxes. Want to learn more? Inquire on how to get the process started.

Gift cards now available

Say thank you or celebrate a special occasion with a Jeni Elizabeth Gift Card. Choose a denomination and send with a special message. Perfect for those who are not sure what to pick, but know the recipient will love something special and handmade! A gift card allows the choice something special anytime.  Gift cards can be redeemed on any Jeni Elizabeth shop item. If you are the recipient of a gift card and want to redeem the value for a custom design, please contact me for a free consultation and estimate so that I can create a custom order for you.


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